Posted by Thomas Gideon on 25 July 2021

Welcome to the website for the VeGen X podcast! Andrea and I are working on this new podcast together. She is focusing on our social media, many of the ideas for stories and episodes, and generally any part of the project involving other people. I am focusing on the technical aspects like this site, our podcast feed, and the audio recording and production. If you are curious to learn more or even help, you can reach her or me via our email addresses for the podcast. Or you can send an email to both of us.

As of writing this post, we have a pretty good outline for our first episode and themes identified for the next few. We are going to do some audio tests in the next few days to figure out the best spots for us to record around the house to achieve the sound we want. We are both long time podcast listeners, I have been producing shows for over a decade. We strongly agree that the experience of listening should be as pleasant as we can make it. We believe the best podcasts pair engaging content with a sound that is easy on the ears.

Andrea has been building up a good regular practice of sharing on social media. We plan on talking a lot more in-depth about the places, stories, and recipes we share on the show. In the meantime, you can start following along on our journey. We'd also love to hear your own health journeys. Andrea and I have been working on our lifestyle and health for many years. We recognize that focusing only on where we are, today, would not be as helpful as remembering the steps we took along the way, especially the early ones. We want to meet people where they are, share all of us experiences, and inspire people to think more deeply about what they eat and how it relates to their health.

You deserve good health!