The VeGen X Podcast

A pair of gen x'ers learning to age gracefully the healthy, whole food, plant based way

Episode 4

Our next episode, after only a slightly delay. We are working towards sharing new episodes monthly. This is our deep dive on breakfast.


Third episode

Another unplanned hiatus, thankfully shorter this time. We begin sharing what a typical day looks like for us.


Second Episode

After an unplanned hiatus earlier this Summer, here is our second episode. We continue to explain more of the why we started learning to live the whole food, plant based, no oil way and detail the when.

Content warnings: This episode includes frank discussion of weight loss, mental health, and chronic illness.


First episode

After months of planning, preparation, and a bit of life getting in the way, we are pleased to share the very first episode of our new podcast project focused on our journey embracing a whole food, plant based, no added oil lifestyle.