First episode

Posted by Thomas Gideon on 30 January 2022

After months of planning, preparation, and a bit of life getting in the way, we are pleased to share the very first episode of our new podcast project focused on our journey embracing a whole food, plant based, no added oil lifestyle.

Andrea and I introduce ourselves in this episode and explain some terms. We spend a little time discussing why we made this change in our lives.

I mentioned medicine side effects being a top cause of death in the US and was largely right. I was wrong about diabetes being higher on the list. Cancer, which often involves lifestyle factors, was the other one of the top three, along with heart disease. Regardless, what we are eating, and the medicine we take to overcome the damage it inflicts, is literally killing us.

Andrea was mostly right about the amount of fat in oil, too. We will spend so much more time discussing what we have learned about the low fat component of the way we now eat.

Plantstock was the event we mentioned that helped motivate us to finally make this change. We love the Esselstyns and the Plantstrong community. One of the main reasons we decided to create this podcast was as a way to pay forward the welcome and support we received.